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EZPZ Dropshipping Guide

Starting your own dropshipping business can be a confusing process without help from a reliable supplier.

 First, to start dropshipping you need to know what exactly it is. We go over what dropshipping is in our most recent blog post. After you have a brief overview of what dropshipping is, now you need to know how to start your business with us here at EZPZShipper.

EZPZShipper is dedicated to serving your every business need in the most convenient way possible!

For dropshipping our products, we do not have many requirements that other suppliers in the industry have, making it easy to list our products in your store. All of our pictures and descriptions are completely yours to use and we do not require you to have a reseller's permit to order from us. Ordering our products is just like any other e-commerce store, just add to your cart and follow our checkout process, pretty easy right? Another thing that we do differently than other suppliers is that our products are guaranteed to be in stock with same-day processing available Monday - Friday before 12 PM PST, and you can even save on your order by signing up for our loyalty program! We like to cater to your needs as fast possible, unfortunately, due to COVID-19 we cannot give an update on shipping, but we can however confirm carrier pickup and delivery. View our shipping policy to learn more.

Also, be sure to view our return policy in case of any problems with a customer's order. We do not allow returns past 10 days and only if the product was damaged, defective, or if it was the wrong product upon the customer receiving it. Please direct any questions about returns to live chat or through our contact form.

This information should be everything you need to start dropshipping from EZPZShipper. For any other questions, you may have, please contact us using our live chat feature or contact form.

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