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How to start dropshipping for the holiday season!

Here's our updated 2020 guide for starting your dropshipping business in time for the holiday season!

Holiday season is the busiest time of the year for everyone, but it is especially busy this year with all the challenges we are currently facing with the pandemic. The Black Friday camping out days don't seem likely to happen this year, so that means a lot of holiday shopping will be done online.

It has already been a real busy year for E-Commerce, which had more than a 30% increase in online sales.

With more people doing their holiday shopping online now, it is important to understand what makes them trust where they are shopping. For example, customers shop on Amazon for the convenience of two day shipping and selection of products that can be shipped to their door. When starting your dropshipping business this holiday season you need to analyze the way you can compete with other competitors. Starting off dropshipping, it is important to see how many people are currently running ads for the product you want to try to sell. You can get this information from googling your product and seeing which links are sponsored or not. The less sponsored links the better, that means when you run your Google Shopping Ads you can appear first.

Start your store, just like a regular business and entice your customers with great promotions.

When starting your store treat it like an actual business and make sure your profit margins are understood, so you can run promotions. Everyone loves a good sale, so the better the deal you can offer the more likely you are to get the sale. Having a good supplier is the most important thing to survive during holiday season, you need a supplier who can give you competitively fast shipping times, great communication, reasonable profit margins and a desirable product that people will want to buy as a gift.

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