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Is Dropshipping Dead? (2020)

Is it still possible to Dropship in the year 2020? 

Dropshipping is a way to operate as a business. You're essentially a marketer or middleman that sells products from your website, while using a supplier's inventory and resources to ship to your customer to learn more about dropshipping click here. Dropshipping "Gurus" and Youtubers have made it seem like a get rich quick scheme or an easy way to get money but really it is not. You will have to go through many obstacles just like any other business, and it will require a good amount of time and dedication to be a successful Dropshipper. Dropshipping itself can't really die, but certain methods of dropshipping certainly can.

Dropshipping from websites such as Aliexpress can be increasingly harder now.

Dropshipping has always been around as a business model for many years and it's done through reliable business agreements. In recent years and on almost every Youtube video about dropshipping they commonly use Aliexpress to be a supplier for the products in their store. At first, there wasn't much wrong with this as E-Commerce wasn't as popular as it is now and 2-Day Shipping wasn't required as a business necessity. Now in 2020, Amazon's 2 Day Shipping model has completely taken over the E-Commerce landscape and in return it made fast shipping a necessity for an online business. This can be extremely difficult to achieve when using Aliexpress as your supplier, because not every supplier on Aliexpress can fulfill their orders in a reasonable time for your customer.

The solution to this would be to have direct contact with your supplier and find out how their business operates.

Think of your Dropshipping supplier as a business partner and your business needs someone who can provide quality support, guaranteed fulfillment, fast shipping with tracking and easy integration to list their products. If you maintain a great relationship with your dropshipping supplier, you will not have to worry about Dropshipping being "dead".

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